Lausanne Issue Group on Religious and Non-Religious Spirituality Set to Meet in Hong Kong

The Lausanne Issue Group on Religious and Non-Religious Spirituality in the Western World continues to build on the foundation laid in Thailand at the 2004 Forum for World Evangelization.

This strategic group continues to address the often-neglected missional challenge of new religious movements, alternative religions and emerging spiritualities in the Western world. After the 2004 gathering the group completed a substantial document on this topic in the form of Lausanne Occasional Paper No. 45 that was published in book form in addition to the electronic file on the Lausanne website. The issue group has also created a website in preparation for a mini-consultation in Hong Kong at the Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre 30 September to 6 October 2006.

The issue group’s website will facilitate discussion among issue group members and interested colleagues, addressing topics under the headings of theology, methodology and praxis. Specific issues include a look at critical missions contextualization; popular culture and emerging spiritualities; divination and syncretism; a Christian presence in neo-spiritual milieus; and the creation of neo-monastic communities.

Select members of the group will prepare papers for discussion in Hong Kong, and all of the areas under discussion will then be assessed after the 2006 meeting as the group prepares for the Lausanne III gathering in 2010.

Prayer items for this issue group include:

  • Skilled theologians and reflective practitioners to attend the preparation process and the consultation
  • Good papers and case stories for the discussions
  • The right participants for the consultation
  • Financial provision for participants to come to Hong Kong

For further information or participation in the discussion group, visit the website at or contact Ole Skjerbaek Madsen or Lars Mollerup-Degn.

John Morehead is associate director of Neighboring Faiths Project, a cross-cultural missions ministry to new religions and alternative spiritualities. He is a contributing author and editor to several book projects dealing with new religions.