Leadership Profile: Mark Kolo, Missions Supporters League, Africa

(Editors' note: This month begins this new section, entitled “Leadership Profiles.” Our prayer in introducing you to people who are serving in leadership roles around the world is two-fold: (1) familiarize you with these global leaders and (2) inspire you as you partake in kingdom work in your corner of the world.)

Q. Tell us about your family.

A. I am married to Amina Kolo and we are expecting our first baby in May 2010.


Q. Give us a brief overview of your work and ministry.

A. I serve on the leadership team of Missions Supporters League (MSL) and direct the affairs of the movement across English-speaking African countries. I’m involved in mobilizing human and material resources for ministry among unreached people groups. I am also a member of the Lausanne Communications Working Group and Lausanne Younger Leaders West Africa.

Q. What is your favorite quote?

A. “All men die. Why not for good cause?”- El Cid

Q. Who has been the most influential person in your life/ministry, and why?

A. There have been two. The first is Victor Tukura, my immediate boss and international director in MSL. I have closely watched his life over the last ten years and have been blessed to be led by him. Second, Sam Kputu, national director of CAPRO Missions South Africa. He has mentored me informally and shaped my outlook to ministry in recent years. His teachings on mission mobilization, especially in Africa, have greatly affected my life and mission practice.

Q. What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?

A. Practice more faithful giving. In other words, be generous with your life.

Q. What one issue do you believe is the greatest barrier or opportunity to evangelism, and why?

A. Our inability to match our words with our actions. Non-Christians will easily be reached if they see authentic Christian witness in lifestyle. We seem to be saying much about Christ, but living less like him. Non-Christians accept his words, but get confused when we fail to live up to our claim. We need to move into incarnational evangelism.

Q. What book do you most often recommend to others, and why?

A. The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer. It captures the longing of the human heart which can find no rest except in the knowledge of its creator. The Church of the twenty-first century desperately needs to shift its gaze from pursuing frivolities, materialism, and entertainment, and seriously return to a passionate pursuit of God, stopping at nothing until we apprehend him.

Q. What would you like to be doing in ten years?

A. I’d like to be mobilizing, envisioning, and mentoring a fresh generation of African Christians committed to passionately living for Jesus and seeking to bear witness of him where he is not known.

Q. How can people be praying for you?

A. That I may know him more, stay true to my calling, and finish well.

Evangelism. On Point.

Q. Describe a time in which you shared your faith in Christ with someone who didn’t know him, and then saw God clearly work in that situation.

A. While traveling in a public bus between Bauchi and Jos, Nigeria, in 1999, I met a young man who was smoking cigarettes, cursing and harassing a young lady. I felt a strong urge to share my faith with him, even though he didn’t look like a “nice guy” who could easily be approached. By the time we got to Jos one hour later, God had melted his heart and we held hands right in the middle of the busiest street in the city as he prayed the sinner’s prayer and accepted Jesus into his heart.