Leadership Profile: George Korah, Designer, Publisher, Managing Director, India

Q. Please tell us about your family.
A. I am married to Elsa and we have three children, Andrew, Janita, and James. We live in Bangalore, India.

Q. Please give us a brief overview of your work and ministry.
A. I am from India and am founding director of Primalogue Publishing Media. I have a keen interest in graphic design and have been involved in Christian publishing for nearly fifteen years. Primalogue is a company that endeavors to set Christian publishing on a firm footing in India. It was the realization of a 15-year dream.


Prior to this, I worked with the IFES movement in India and with the South Asia Institute for Advanced Christian Studies. My work in these organizations helped me gain experience in publishing and develop my interest in graphic design.

I am now a specialist in design and layout and had the privilege to be the design and layout manager at the Lausanne III: Cape Town 2010. I was responsible for the layout of the daily, Cape Town Today, and the commemorative Cape Town 2010.

My two friends (Paul Joshua and Geordee) and I set up Primalogue to be a new generation publisher that focuses on high quality, high competence, and getting a good value for your money. Our services include design and layout, editing, proofreading, printing and shipping, ebook conversion for Kindle and iPad, etc.

We have worked with Paternoster, Child Theology Movement, Interserve, William Cary Library to provide design, layout, printing, and shipping to different cities in U.K., U.S., Europe, and Asia. In India, we have worked on projects with SAIACS and Union Biblical Seminary.

Evangelism. On Point.

Santosh was a good friend during my
college days. During our graduate
studies, we stayed in the college dorm.
Although Santosh did not share my
convictions about Jesus as Saviour &
Lord, we had a lot in common. We
would spend long hours together,
talking and discussing our faith and
beliefs. We agreed on matters of
principles and values. Occasionally, he
would join our Bible study group. He
would raise questions and throw us off

Three years passed and it was nearing
graduation. Santosh came running to
me one day. He was apparently excited
about something. He said that he has
put his trust in Jesus.

Almost fifteen years later, I suddenly
received a phone call. It was Santosh.
He said he is now pastoring a church.

The latest addition to Primalogue is it new ebook division. We now have in-house capabilities for ebook publishing and offer this service to publishers who want their books converted to ebooks for various platforms like the Kindle, iPad, etc.

Q. What is your favorite quote?
“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” – Mark Twain

Q. Who has been the most influential person in your life/ministry, and why?
A. It is difficult to identify one person. I must recognize the collective family of the IFES movement both in India and abroad. There are several who mentored me at different times and numerous role models who showed the way.

Q. What one issue do you believe is the greatest barrier or opportunity to evangelism, and why?
A. Denominationalism is the greatest barrier to evangelism today. Denominationalism divides. It excludes or includes. It creates fences to keep you in or out. It nurtures exclusive camps and projects a fragmented church to friends of other faiths.

Q. What book do you most often recommend to others to read, and why?
A. Resurrection by Leo Tolstoy. The book is a classic examination of guilt, forgiveness, and redemption.

Q. What would you like to be doing in five years?
A. I would like to see Primalogue employing twenty-five people, providing Christian professionals a promising and rewarding career environment in publishing and media.

Q. How can people be praying for you?
That my partners and I would seek God for wisdom as we establish Primalogue as a professional option for publishing in South Asia.