The July 2006 merger of Advancing Churches in Missions Commitment (ACMC) and Caleb Project has resulted in Initiative360Ì¢‰â‰۝Take it Global, a new organization which seeks to further the kingdom of Jesus Christ by serving the missions interests of believers and the churches, agencies and institutions of which they are a part in world outreach. The new organization will help believers and their churches explore, discover and activate their roles in God’s mission, whether in local neighborhoods or around the world. Regarding the new name, Chief Executive Office Dr. Gregory Fritz says, “I have always been encouraged and blessed by those who take initiative with the faith that God gives them. God himself is the divine initiator, the one who created the world and all mankind, redeems us from our sinful existence and sends us out with his salvation message to the peoples who have yet to receive the gospel.” (Initiative360)