Amity Bible printing press in China is planning to move to a new site. On a visit to Nanjing, China last fall, Daniel Willis, CEO of Bible Society NSW, inspected the new site for the Amity Printing Press. “At the moment, the site is just a vacant block of land with a few cattle grazing on it, but when the site is developed, it will mean millions more Bibles for China,” said Willis. The 86,671 square metre site is part of a new industrial development in Nanjing, a city of over six million people. Funding for the new development, expected to cost RMB 230,000,000, is coming from the United Bible Societies and the other joint venture partners. “Who would have thought that twenty years ago when the press first opened that we would be so successful that we would need to move to a new location?” Willis asked. “Over that twenty-year period, the press has printed fifty million Bibles and New Testaments with forty million Chinese language Bibles distributed in China…We are seeing an unprecedented opportunity for whole Bible distribution throughout China.” There are fifty-five thousand Bible distribution points spread throughout the country. (Bible Society NSW)