The International Bible Society pioneered the first prose literature ever written in the Awadhi language by completing the first Awadhi translation of the Bible. More than fifty native scholars in northern India worked for twelve years to accurately translate the language, style and theology of the complete Bible into a language spoken by more than twenty million people. More than 1,500 people gathered 17 December 2006 in Lucknow, India as Mayor Dinesh Sharma presented the first Awadhi translation of the Bible. “It is the translation by the people of Awadhi and for the people of Awadhi,” explained Michael Paul who coordinated the project. This IBS translation is the first Bible Awadhi speakers can read in their own language and the first piece of prose literature in the language, since for centuries the Awadhi language has been written only in poetic form. “Today, the Bible has become the text book for students of the Awadhi language in general,” Paul said. (International Bible Society)