The number of languages into which at least one complete book of the Bible has been translated reached 2,426 at the end of 2006, according to the United Bible Societies’ (UBS) 2006 Scripture Language Report. The report records each scripture translation carried out by UBS or another translation agency which is received at the library of either the American Bible Society or the British and Foreign Bible Society. Along with three new Bibles, the 2006 Scripture Language Report lists thirty-one new New Testaments, of which five are the first recorded scripture publications in those languages. Additional portions were registered for thirty-four languages which do not yet have either an Old or New Testament and for twenty-one languages which have the New Testament but not the Old Testament. In twenty-six other languages in which translation and publication had already taken place, new or revised versions of portions, Testaments or Bibles are now available. (United Bible Societies)