Global Diaspora Network Meets for First Time in Paris

The Global Diaspora Network (GDN) was formed in October 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa, by Joy Tira, the Lausanne senior associate for diasporas. GDN is a catalytic movement that motivates and mobilizes diaspora Christians to partner for global missions.

The Global Diaspora Network met for the first time
in February 2011 in Paris.

The GDN met for the first time on 21 February 2011 in Paris and was hosted by LifeAgape through the leadership of Henri Aoun, LifeAgape president (and GDN advisory board member).

Two decisions of the event included the need for the GDN to call a global diaspora (missiology) congress in 2015 and to accelerate the use of technologies in evangelism and discipleship for the “people on the move.”

GDN replaces the Cape Town/Lausanne III event-specific Lausanne Diasporas Leadership Team (LDLT) and functions under the umbrella of the Lausanne Movement. Members of GDN are as follows:

Advisory Board

  • Mr. Henri Aoun, president, Life Agape International
  • Rev. Dashzeveg Dashdendew, executive director, Mongolian United Bible Society
  • Dr. Tom Harvey, dean, Oxford Centre for Mission Studies
  • Rev. Kim Hun, director, Korean Diaspora Research Institute
  • Mr. Jack Klemke, chair, The Klemke Foundation
  • Dr. Grant McClung, president, Missions Resource Group
  • Dr. Elias Medeiros, professor of missiology, Reformed Theological Seminary
  • Mr. Doug Nichols, founder, Action International Ministries
  • Dr. Cindy Perry, senior consultant, Himalayan Region, Development Associates International
  • Mr. Mark Sosmeña, CEO, LifeChange Publishing Co.; chair, GDN board of trustees Manila Office
  • Dr. Sadiri Joy Tira, senior associate for diaspora, Lausanne
  • Dr. TV Thomas, director, Centre for Evangelism and World Missions
  • Rev. Arie Verduyn, president, Alliance World Fellowship
  • Dr. Enoch Wan, president, Evangelical Missiological Society (USA/Canada)
  • Dr. Ted Yamamori, LCWE senior advisor

GDN Regional Diaspora Educators

  • Dr. Tereso Casiño (North America chair), professor of missiology, Gardner-Webb University
  • Dr. Miyon Chung (Asia chair), associate professor of systematic theology, Torch Trinity Graduate School of Theology, Seoul
  • Dr. Tom Harvey (Europe chair), dean, Oxford Centre for Mission Studies
  • Rev. Paul Sydnor (Europe), ITeams missionary, Oxford Centre for Mission Studies

Diaspora Catalyst

  • Dr. John Baxter, professor of missions and practical theology, Cebu Graduate School of Theology, Philippines
  • Rev. Cody Lorance, church-planting strategist, North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention

International Board of Reference

  • Rev. Doug Birdsall, executive committee chair/CEO, Lausanne Movement
  • Dr. Daniel Bourdanne, general secretary, International Fellowship of Evangelical Students
  • Dr. Samuel Escobar, renowned Latin American theologian and missiologist
  • Dr. Patrick Fung, president, Overseas Missionary Fellowship
  • Dr. Peter Kuzmic, Eva B. and Paul E. Toms distinguished professor of world missions and European studies, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
  • Dr. See-Young Lee, former ambassador to the United Nations, Republic of Korea
  • Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe, secretary general, World Evangelical Alliance

GDN Subject Matter Experts

  • Mr. Sam George, executive director, PARIVAR International
  • Dr. J.D. Payne, associate professor of church planting and evangelism, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Dr. Tuvya Zaretsky, international coordinating committee president, Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism (LCJE)

GDN Executive Board of Trustees, Manila HQ Office

  • Mr. Mark A. Sosmena, chair, GDN; CEO, LifeChange Publishing, Inc.
  • Atty. Michael Reysio-Cruz, secretary, GDN; legal counsel, The Law Firm of AB Salumbides
  • Mr. Bach Johann Sebastian; treasurer, GDN; economist, SVP & Chief Business Strategist of JG Summit Holdings Inc.
  • Atty. Jojo Lacanilaom, trustee, GDN; former Philippine diplomat; Manila field officer, International Justice Mission
  • Dr. Jonathan Exiomo, trustee, GDN; president/CEO, Alliance Graduate School, Philippines
  • Mr. Art Medina, trustee, GDN; presidential director, FusionExcel Philippines
  • Ms. Andrea Roldan, trustee, GDN; international facilitator, Serve Asia, OMF International
  • Dr. Sadiri Tira, trustee, GDN; senior associate for diaspora, Lausanne