Global AIDS Prayer Partnership (GAPP)


Nearly three million people die
annually due to AIDS.

The Global Aids Prayer Partnership (GAPP) is a grassroots movement designed to motivate, equip and mobilize Christians worldwide to unite in prayer and collaborative action toward the reversal and eradication of AIDS. GAPP is a coalition of Christian organizations, churches and individuals who form a prayer network in asking God to heal the nations from the AIDS global pandemic. The idea for a prayer partnership began in 2002 when prayer leaders gathered in South Africa for the first International Prayer Council conference. GAPP was officially launched at the International Prayer Council Global Leaders Consultation in October 2004 in Pattaya, Thailand.

GAPP has received the endorsement of a number of Evangelical associations and networks including the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization (LCWE), World Evangelical Alliance, Mission America Coalition (MAC), National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) (USA), International Prayer Council and America’s National Prayer Committee. Partnering organizations include international relief and development organizations and local churches. GAPP is building an International Leadership Board, represented by Christian leaders and co-chaired by Dr. Paul Cedar (MAC), Rev. Ted Haggard (NAE) and Dr. Ted Yamamori (LCWE). Brian Considine serves as the International Coordinator.

GAPP has created several prayer resources available by free download at our website, All resources may be duplicated and shared with friends, prayer groups or local churches. By using the GAPP prayer calendar or GAPP prayer guide, individuals can unite with brothers and sisters around the world in prayer. PowerPoint presentations and other downloadable resources concerning awareness and advocacy are also available.

To better educate and involve Christian prayer partners around the world, GAPP is focusing on two major global initiatives. Each is designed to bring to the forefront this major health pandemic, while mobilizing Christians to prayer and action.

First, GAPP is asking all Christians to join forces with us for the Three Million Voices campaign by partaking in a lifestyle of Prayer-Care-Share to end AIDS. Nearly three million people die annually due to AIDS. Beginning December 1, you can join this movement by signing the Three Million Voices online declaration and by living the lifestyle of Prayer-Care-Share to end AIDS.

Second, GAPP is mobilizing local churches in every nation, city and community across the globe to take part in Global AIDS Day2Pray. Together we will ask God to heal the nations from the worst humanitarian health crisis in history. This day will be held on the Sunday prior to, or immediately following, World AIDS Day, held the first day of December. Our hope is to involve countless churches in united prayer to eradicate global AIDS.

Brian Considine is the international coordinator for the Global AIDS Prayer Partnership. GAPP serves as the official voice of the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization on HIV/AIDS.