World Evangelical Alliance Theological Commission to Meet in Africa for First Time

The annual planning and strategy meeting of the World Evangelical Alliance Theological Commission (TC) for 2006 will be held at Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School in Kenya 20-24 September 2006. Even though some of its early founders (and current leaders) were from this continent, this will be the first time the TC has met in this way on African soil. The event will feature a mini-consultation and opportunities for networking, fellowship and ministry with theologians, churches, missions and other bodies in the area. The consultation theme will be “Theological Perspectives on Global Religious Fundamentalism.” Another topic, “Poverty and Social Responsibility,” will also be on the agenda.

This will be the first opportunity for those interested in the newly expanded membership scheme of the TC to participate. The new scheme, announced at the beginning of 2006, allows for three new categories—affiliates, associates and partners. Affiliates are Theological Commissions or like bodies affiliated with national and regional fellowships of the World Evangelical Alliance (or bodies nominated by such fellowships to represent them). The other two groups, associates and partners, are drawn from a wider circle and consist of individuals or institutions interested in the work of the WEA Theological Commission and desirous of supporting its objectives and programs financially, prayerfully and practically. Individuals are known as associates; institutions such as seminaries, theological associations, churches, denominations or mission bodies are designated partners.

The TC has planned these new categories to allow for greater involvement in its work. A spokesman for the TC said that it was particularly keen to contact national theological commissions wherever they exist so that a closer bond could be established for the sharing of resources and networking of personnel. The TC is also committed to encouraging the formation of national and regional TCs in areas where they do not yet exist. National evangelical associations are invited to contact the TC to be part of the 2006 meeting.

The event will provide an ideal opportunity to launch the new scheme and develop the TC global programme. The TC is particularly interested in making effective contact with evangelical theologians in Africa.

Further details will be announced as they are finalised. Details of the meeting, information about membership (and application forms) may be obtained from the TC Australian office. For information, email [email protected].

(Source: WEA Theological Commission News)