Post-Cape Town 2010 Meeting in Denmark

(Editor’s note: This summary was written by Lasse Holmgaard Iversen on behalf of the Danish Cape Town 2010 participants.)

The 24 January 2011 meeting was the first time the Danish participants who attended Cape Town 2010: The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization, met after the Congress. The meeting included the following:


Bible reflection on Ephesians 2:11-22 on unity in the Church. We discussed the challenges in unity across organizations and denominations, which we recognized as a significant challenge in Denmark. It is easy to talk about being one in the Body of Christ. But how do we express this unity in concrete actions? We agreed that unity begins with personal relations and tearing down false images of the “enemy.”

In groups, we shared what made the largest impression on us at Cape Town. We believe the best way to carry on the inspiration from Lausanne III is when each participant reflects on what challenged, encouraged, or made the biggest impression on him or her, because that is what this person will integrate in his or her practice and thinking. Our time spent on individual stories was very valuable and we had great conversations.

The Cape Town Commitment. We gave each person the possibility to express what the Cape Town Commitment meant to him or her, and how he or she had used it since we returned to Denmark.

Follow up on Lausanne III in Denmark. We had a short status report on what has already been done to pass on the inspiration from Lausanne III to the Church in Denmark. The primary things are: (1) a booklet with contributions from almost all participants and stewards (read more at this Danish-language website and (2) articles in magazines and on Internet websites.

Some organizations have put Lausanne III as a theme for their annual meetings. We also discussed what we wished to do from this point forward. Two things should be mentioned here:

  • A Danish Lausanne Congress for leaders, pastors, and “mission-thinking laypeople” in 2012. The Congress could be the culmination of a study process and should equip the participants to mission.
  • Development of study material for Bible study groups in the local churches. This study could take its starting point from the Cape Town Commitment.

Prayer. We ended the day in prayer for the world and our country, and gave thanks for the inspiration we received through Lausanne III.

The Evangelical Alliance Denmark board now has the responsibility to engage people in the work of Lausanne. (The work of Lausanne and the Evangelical Alliance merged in Denmark seven years ago, which is why the Evangelical Alliance will play such a large part.)

Lasse Holmgaard Iversen studied at Aarhus University in Denmark. He was the Danish project employee for Lausanne III: Cape Town 2010.