Nana Yaw Offei Awuku, Evangelism Coordinator, Teacher, Mentor, Ghana

Q. Tell us about your family.
A. I live with my wife, Beth, and children, Christie-Joy and Eben-Joy, in Ghana, West Africa.


Q. Give us a brief overview of your work and ministry.
I currently serve on the senior management team as the national coordinator for schools and camping ministries with Scripture Union (Ghana). I also coordinate evangelism and discipleship work in 1,600 school Bible clubs in Ghana. I am committed to Bible teaching and the development of younger leaders

Q. What is your favorite quotation?
“My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work.” – Jesus (John 4:34)

Q. Who has been the most influential person in your life/ministry, and why?
Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones. His book, Sermon on the Mount, has had the greatest impact on my Christian life.

Q. What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?
“God is more interested in who you are than in what you do.” – Jude Hama, former CEO, Scripture Union (Ghana)

Evangelism. On Point.

Q. Describe a time in which you shared your faith
in Christ with someone who didn’t know him, and
then saw God clearly work in that situation.

A. We met a young person at the beach one day
during a time of prayer and I was deeply impressed
to share the gospel with her. She received God's
word and committed her life to Christ. Later, she
confessed how desperate she was the day we met.
She had decided to end her life, had gone off food for
three days, and had come to the beach to drown
herself. Today, she joyfully serves Jesus in her local
church. Glory to God!


Q. What one issue do you believe is the greatest barrier or opportunity to evangelism, and why?
Barrier: Emphasis on methods rather than lives reflecting Christ. Opportunity: The great army of young people in the Church, particularly in Africa, who are ready to be mobilized in the power of God for world missions.

Q. What book do you most often recommend to others to read, and why?
Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. It has been very helpful in getting young people to focus on God's priorities for their lives and mission.

Q. What would you like to be doing in five years?
Bearing much fruit through Bible teaching and developing younger leaders.

Q. How can people be praying for you?
That I would live and lead like Jesus; that God would give me wisdom and fruitfulness as I serve as Lausanne EPSA international deputy director; and for my family and for my ministry among young people with Scripture Union.