The Rev. John C.A. Barrett of the British Methodist Church is the new chairperson of the World Methodist Council, which includes churches in 132 countries. Barrett was elected by the council and installed at the 24 July closing worship service of the World Methodist Conference in Seoul, South Korea. Quoting from Luke 4:16-19, Barrett declared that God’s Spirit is still at work in the world and acknowledged that although the Church is in decline in Great Britain and other places, it is seeing great growth in other parts of the world. “Are you being true to your mission?” Barrett asked those gathered. “Do you understand what it means to be a Methodist Church? John Wesley combined evangelism and social witness. We asked council members to list the priorities for the next five years. Far and away, the most common response was evangelism.” He reiterated that the Methodist Church also stands for justice and peace and hears the groans of people who suffer around the world. (Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church)