Although translation work among Wycliffe Bible Translators has been progressing faster than ever (more than 2,200 languages have at least some of the Bible in their language), at least three thousand languages still need the good news translated into their heart language. And many are in difficult-to-reach areas or where there is warfare and civil unrest. At the current rate it would take until the year 2150 for translation work to be started in each language that needs it. For this reason, Wycliffe formed Vision 2025, a plan that calls for the start of Bible translation projects for every language community that needs one by the year 2025. Working hand to hand with SIL International, the project requires partnership with national churches, seminaries and Bible schools, mission agencies and other Bible agencies. While the translation needs span the globe, eighty percent of the remaining Bible translation needs are focused on three areas of the world: Central Africa with eight hundred languages; the region from northern India to southern China which includes another eight hundred languages; and the band of islands in Asia from Sumatra to Papua New Guinea with one thousand languages. (Global Prayer Digest)