In western Sudan, more than 200,000 people have died in the four-year Darfur region conflict between ethnic African rebels and pro-government militia. “Sadly, it is the civilians who suffer,” said Dr. Mwaya Wa Kitavi, Bible League’s associate director of Africa ministries. “Over two million displaced people struggle for survival as malnutrition and disease attack—leaving them destitute and without hope.” But Bible League is persevering to bring the Sudanese people new hope and the love of Jesus Christ through the gospel. “Even in the midst of opposition, we continue to witness lives being transformed and salvaged from spiritual darkness,” added Kitavi. Throughout the southern region of Sudan, Bible League has penetrated into six army barracks and established more than forty Bible study groups. “When we started the ministry in the army barracks, we never expected the commander to cooperate because he was not a Christian. But God—who is no respecter of any man—gave us favor,” said Kitavi. “As a result, more than one thousand soldiers have committed their lives to Christ and all have been baptized. Praise be to God!” (Bible League)