“We are ready to assist the churches in their quest to regenerate morals in our society,” declared Sphiwe Ngwenya, executive secretary of the Bible Society in Swaziland, at a recent symposium held as part of celebrations to mark the tenth anniversary of the publication of the Bible in SiSwati. The focus of this particular event was helping people to find answers to key social and moral problems in the Bible. Nearly fifty-five people from a wide range of backgrounds gathered in June 2007 in Matsapha to discuss issues relating to the biblical perspective on moral and contemporary challenges in Swaziland. They included church leaders, politicians and theologians, all of whom were challenged by the Bible Society to review the role of the Church in Swaziland. “We need to address issues such as education, gender and politics,” Ngwenya reminded them. “Where do people turn for guidance concerning these issues? If the Church cannot play a significant role, who will? Our traditional morals are under pressure and people want answers.” (Bible Network News)