Hundreds of UK churches are expected to hold Micah Sunday 07 events this fall. Micah Sunday is an annual event which aims to galvanize the international Church family to act on behalf of the world’s poorest people. The theme of Micah Sunday 07 in the UK is HIV and AIDS. Sermon themes, creative prayer, worship ideas and practical ways to engage with issues will be provided by Micah Challenge UK. These will help UK churches to raise awareness of the injustice of poverty, HIV and AIDS. According to Andy Clasper, executive director of Micah Challenge UK, “Micah Sunday 07 will be a chance for us to look again at God’s heart for the poor and to remind ourselves that when the Church family stands up and speaks out in support of the poor, it makes a difference. It will be a time to take practical steps that make a difference in alleviating poverty, and tackling HIV and AIDS.” (Micah Challenge UK)