Top Christian Leaders Assemble at Call2all East African Congress

Hundreds of leaders gathered at Nairobi Baptist Church in Nairobi, Kenya, 14-17 October 2008 for the first African regional Call2all Congress in East Africa. The purpose of the event was to strategically mobilize and connect leaders from twelve East African countries who are operating in different spheres of ministry in order to network and focus resources toward fulfilling the task of reaching the least and the lost in East Africa and beyond.

Leaders from East Africa gathered to discuss how
to fulfill the task of reaching the “least and the lost”
in East African and beyond.

A representation of leaders from Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, and other neighbouring countries were present. Other African participants in attendance included: South Africa, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe. Malaysia, New Zealand, Canada, and the USA were among some of the international countries in attendance.

Some of the main presenters were: Steven Kabachia, East African regional coordinator for Movement for Africa National Initiatives (MANI); Loren Cunningham, co-founder of Youth With A Mission (YWAM); Paul Eshleman, vice president of Campus Crusade for Christ International; Avery Willis, international director of the International Orality Network; and Laban Jjumba, with Intercessors for Africa.

Mark Anderson, president of Call2all, gave a “call to consecration” at the start of the gathering. In light of current global turmoil, he stressed the need for crucified living among Christian leaders and challenged them to deny themselves, take up the cross, and follow Jesus.

The six main themes covered at the Congress included:

  • Evangelism
  • Church presence/planting
  • Mapping the Great Commission
  • Orality
  • Prayer
  • Missions—unengaged and unreached people groups

Cunningham spoke about “How to Disciple a Nation.” He went through the seven spheres of society, emphasizing the giftedness of Africa, highlighting the offering of Africa to the world, and talking about key leaders who have risen through the ranks in each sphere of society.

Bishop Kabachia, the regional coordinator of MANI, presented a session on the “State of the Gospel” in the region of East Africa. He commented on the recent research done on the number of unreached people groups in Kenya which sparked a challenge that resulted in every tribe in Kenya engaged with the gospel.

Eshleman, director of Finishing the Task, shared about the unengaged and unreached people groups of the world. He cited that, statistically, the most unreached tribes in Africa are concentrated in Sudan. He challenged participants to ask God for a new heart and a new perspective in order to go. “It is our job to make the decision; it is God’s job to solve the problem,” he encouraged.

One of the major highlights of the event was the uncovering of a massive 20 x 25 meter map. As a symbolic act of going to the nations, participants prayed, wept, worshipped, and walked on the map, covering all four corners of the earth as they prophetically reclaimed the nations for God.

As a symbolic act of going to the nations,
participants prayed, wept, worshipped, and
walked on a 20 x 25 meter map.

As the meeting concluded, the Call2all leadership team led the Congress through a time of commitment. Participants were encouraged to meet in their affinity groups or individually to reflect on areas of need presented, and to respond to God by making a faith commitment. Participants then took bold steps forward to present their commitment before the Lord. Several individuals and groups stayed on their knees with eyes closed and held hands as they transacted with the Lord in a very deep and sincere way.

Ken Stravens, national director of Life Ministry (Campus Crusade for Christ) Kenya, closed the session saying, “I am so overwhelmed by what God is doing in our midst! The goals we have set are amazing, and I look forward to what God wants to do with us as a result of this Congress.”

In January 2008, the first Call2all Congress was held in Orlando, Florida, USA, where several leaders gathered together for the North American Congress. It was the first of forty Congresses that will be held in different regions around the world over the next three years.

Call2all is a worldwide movement calling the Church to a renewed, collaborative effort to complete the Great Commission. For more information, visit:

Grace Samson serves as director of Partner Relations for the Call2All Cape Town office, a global movement connecting the Body of Christ in all spheres of ministry. She is also a member of the national leadership team of Youth With a Mission (YWAM) in South Africa and is a member of the Communications Working Group for Lausanne. Previously, she headed the School of Video Production and Public Relations with Media Village Cape Town.