National Christian Fellowship of Bangladesh (NCFB): Activities of Board of Mission and Evangelism

Prayer session during the pastors conference.

The National Christian Fellowship of Bangladesh (NCFB) is a movement for the purpose of encouraging Christians and churches in Bangladesh to pray, study, plan and work together for the evangelization of Bangladesh. In 1980 seven evangelical churches, challenged by the Lausanne Covenant and desiring to cooperate together in mission, established the NCFB.

In 1983 NCFB forged links with evangelical Christians throughout the world by joining the Evangelical Fellowship of Asia and the World Evangelical Alliance.

NCFB’s vision for the twenty-first century and beyond is five-fold:

1. We desire a growing Church.
2. We dream of a praying Church.
3. We are striving for a maturing Church.
4. We are promoting a sharing Church
; we are seeking to work together in the proclamation of the gospel and the extension of God’s kingdom.
5. We are building a serving Church; we are stimulating ideas and coordinating programs of social transformation for the benefit of the poor and the development of our nation.

NCFB implements its program through five boards formed by representatives of the member churches:

1. Board of Mission and Evangelism (BOME)
2. Board of Education and Literature
3. Board of Youth and Renewal     
4. Board of Women's Work and Home Movement
5. Koinonia

Board of Mission and Evangelism (BOME)
The BOME is focused on six key programs.

1. National Prayer Convention. Every year the BOME of the NCFB arranges a national prayer conference with the participation of its pastors/evangelists, church leaders, women and youth leaders throughout Bangladesh. Last year more than 1,200 people participated in a three-day seminar.

2. Pastors Conference. The BOME of the NCFB arranges pastors’ conferences annually to encourage and motivate church pastors/evangelists to win more souls for Christ in Bangladesh. Specialists involved in ministry abroad, along with local evangelists/pastors, attend the event.
3. Making Strategy for Church Growth. Every year the BOME motivates, encourages, equips and strengthens churches nationwide in evangelism, prayer, discipleship and service through a series of seminars and awareness raising programs.

Training session during the church planting seminar.

4. Cross-cultural Evangelism. Because only 0.3% of the population in Bangladesh is Christian, the BOME arranges several seminars on cross-cultural evangelism. In last twelve months there have been five, four-day “church mobilization seminars” with Muslims Background Believers (MBBs). Several national and international ministry leaders shared effective methods of Christian outreach in the local context and encouraged and motivated participants to work at the grassroots level.

5. Special Prayer for Persecuted People. The BOME of the NCFB arranges special prayer for persecuted people/evangelists. This prayer is often done in different member churches to strengthen the power of the unity in Christ.

6. Week-long Prayer Unity. Every year the BOME observes a week-long prayer unity to strengthen the interdenominational unity and amity in Bangladesh. Members distribute different tracks and posters and arrange prayer meetings in different church denominations.    

The BOME of the NCFB also arranges pastoral retreats, urban pastors prayer meetings, workshops on different religious issues and more. In a country where more than ninety-nine percent of the people are non-Christian, it is the hope of both the BOME and the NCFB that all will come to know Christ in the days to come.

Rev. Daniel East (pseudonym) is a member of the National Christian Fellowship of Bangladesh.