Changing Campus Ministry in America

George Otis Jr. speaks
at the Institute of
Campus Revival and

Recently I had a telephone conversation with Gary Stratton, vice president of Christian Formation and Student Development at Crown College in St. Bonifacius, Minnesota, USA. Gary attended our first Institute of Campus Revival and Awakening and commented, “Even at Christian colleges we do not receive what you gave us at the institute. I would be thrilled to help you any way I can.”

Bob Weiner of Weiner Ministries International stated it was historic. Dan Rudman of Christ’s Ambassadors International said he has prayed for years for an event like this and went to bed deeply stirred each night.

The Institute of Campus Revival and Awakening held in June 2006 at Yale University (New Haven, Connecticut, USA) was the most important initiative we have hosted to date, and we believe that it is deeply on God’s heart to change campus ministry throughout America. How can this happen? How did the institute move campus ministry in the direction of becoming dramatically more fruitful and effective?

Before, during and after the institute we believed God for paradigm shifts among the fifty-seven campus ministry leaders who joined us from across the nation. The following summarizes how this mindset shift has and is currently taking place:

Phase 1: Required Reading (May and June)
Before the institute began we mailed the participants four books on revival and awakening accompanied with reflection questions each participant was to answer and return to us. Therefore, even before the institute, a significant mindset shift had begun!

Fifty-seven American college campus ministry leaders
gathered for the conference.

Phase 2: The Institute (21-28 June)
For one week we met, prayed, listened to speakers and discussed what needs to happen to see God move in such a way that our campuses and country are transformed. During this time, God not only changed mindsets, but spoke to hearts. Again, significant paradigm shifts were taking place.

Phase 3: Personal Follow-up (July 2006– May 2007)
The attendees left the institute having filled out our Campus Transformation: 2006 and Beyond document. We will be able to identify what these campus ministry leaders learned and help them follow through on these changes during the 2006-2007 academic year. Please pray for this vital ongoing process that has already started.

The objective of changing how campus ministry is approached in America requires addressing ministry leaders in a different way (a week-long institute), at a place provided by God (Yale University) and with the means to follow up with each person (four faculty and fifty-seven participants) in the future. We have great hope in a great God that campus transformation in many locations is ahead.

Possibly the best summary of our week together came from a campus minister from Harvard University who said, “This was super. Thanks for all your work. I have so much to apply and I would love to come again.” In terms of “so much to apply,” this campus minister listed twenty-one areas to change in the ministry she helps direct. Wow! Praise the Lord for great things he hath done! Please pray with us that God will use these fifty-seven leaders to transform campuses throughout America for his glory.

Dave Warn is director of Collegiate Impact, an outreach of Life Action Ministries. His passion is to see an outpouring of the Holy Spirit across the campuses of North America.