HCJB World Radio Becomes HCJB Global

HCJB World Radio, the world’s first missionary broadcasting ministry, which has also developed an international medical outreach, has changed its name to HCJB Global. The ministry also named its media ministries HCJB Global Voice and its healthcare ministries HCJB Global Hands.

“We feel as we move into the future and expand the incredible dynamic between media and healthcare, the HCJB World Radio name did not accurately portray this vision,” said HCJB Global president David Johnson. “We will work to develop leaders and mobilize missionaries as we serve the world through HCJB Global Voice, our media arm, and HCJB Global Hands, our healthcare ministry.”

At the same time, HCJB World Radio engineering center in Elkhart, Indiana, USA, has become the HCJB Global technology center, focusing on the provision of quality assistance through consulting, service and engineering development wherever technological solutions play a role in the advance of the gospel.

The new names, along with new logos, were launched at Urbana 06 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, in late December 2006. HCJB Global will formalize the name change in a dedication event at the ministry’s newly named ministry service center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, later this month.

“This is a major change for our ministry, because it is far more than skin deep,” said communications director Jon Hirst. “Our new name reflects major changes in our vision and focus as we work to integrate media and healthcare ministry around the world. As we moved toward the name change, we found that our friends and supporters wanted us to retain the call letters of our first station radio station—HCJB—that we established seventy-five years ago in Quito, Ecuador. In maintaining the name, we are honoring our heritage and building upon it.”

For more then seven decades HCJB Global Voice has used shortwave radio, satellite, FM, AM, television and the Internet to deliver the gospel worldwide. For over fifty years HCJB Global Hands has been providing compassionate healthcare to those in the greatest need.

Since 1990 HCJB Global has enabled local partners to plant more than three hundred radio ministries in one hundred countries throughout Euro-Asia, North Africa/Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

HCJB Global’s missionaries, pastors, broadcasters and healthcare providers use media, healthcare and training to work with partners around the world to spread the gospel. Lives are transformed so that people are engaged in the growing Church, making an impact on their communities as they are empowered to use media and healthcare tools. The ministry is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Its website is www.hcjbglobal.org.

(This article was edited from an HCJB Global news release.)