Viva Global Prayer Weekend Calls Christians to Stand against Modern Day Child Slavery

Amidst the celebrations marking the bi-centenary of the abolition of the slave trade, Viva Network is urging Christians around the world to stand against the modern-day slavery that affects millions of children today by taking part in the World Weekend of Prayer for Children at Risk 2-3 June 2007.

While we should recognise the extraordinary faith, persistence and achievements of William Wilberforce and his contemporaries, who together abolished the trans-Atlantic slave trade, many people do not realise that slavery is still very much alive today. All around the world, projects that are part of Viva’s local networks are working with children and teenagers who face the daily reality of slavery. Many are trapped in forced and bonded labour. Others have been trafficked across borders far from home. Today, consigned to life in brothels and factories, with little chance of escape, nearly nine million children around the world are enslaved.

“[This] weekend is an incredible opportunity to stand with millions of Christians around the world and pray for God’s freedom and healing for many suffering and enslaved children,” said Patrick McDonald, founder and CEO of Viva. “When Christians pray together, lives are transformed.”

Facilitated by Viva, and in partnership with the Global Day of Prayer and other prayer movements, over two million Christians around the world are expected to pray for children at risk over the weekend. Many are organising special events and Sunday church services.

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(This article has been edited from a Viva Network news release.)