Two New Prayer Tools to Fuel the Prayer Movement

Prayer Connect magazine and Praybook (a Facebook connection site) are two recently launched prayer resources that have the potential to greatly expand the prayer movement nationally and internationally.

Prayer Connect magazine (with the tagline: “Connecting to the Heart of Christ through Prayer”) published its premiere issue in July 2011. Founded by Jon Graf of Harvest Prayer Ministries and the Church Prayer Leaders Network, Prayer Connect is also sponsored by America’s National Prayer Committee, the Denominational Prayer Leaders Network, and the International Prayer Council.


The magazine’s first issue focuses on “Can Prayer Save America?” This call to greater prayer on behalf of the nation will be complemented by the second issue (to be published late 2011) on the theme: “Fresh Fire: Hope for a Christ-centered Revival.” The two issues include authors David Bryant, Claude King, Steve Hawthorne, Billy Wilson, Bob Bakke, and Dave and Kim Butts.

The current issue can be purchased in single or bulk copies at You may also indicate a desire to subscribe to future issues.

Praybook is a new website that interfaces with Facebook as a tool to mobilize thousands of people to pray for thousands of “friends.” It takes the enormous power of social networking and links it with the supernatural power of prayer. Launched in June 2011, this Facebook connect site could prove to be an important breakthrough in filling up the nations of the earth with prayer!


Praybook is a simple and systematic way to organize your Facebook friends into a daily prayer list. You may choose a monthly, quarterly, or yearly rotation, selecting a manageable number of friends you will pray for each day. You can then send them a personal notification of your prayers. In addition, Praybook keeps a cumulative total of those you’ve prayed for, as well as the increasing thousands who are being prayed for throughout the Praybook family.

Since its recent launch, more than thirty thousand friends have been lifted up in prayer, and users can be found in thirty nations. Prayer leader Bob Bakke describes Praybook as a “grand conspiracy” to fill the earth with prayers for the glory of Christ.

Imagine millions of Facebook users praying for hundreds of friends, making the Praybook tagline more of a reality: “Lifting up the world one friend at a time.” To join Praybook, go to

Carol Madison is the editor of Prayer Connect magazine and the content provider for Praybook. She is a freelance writer and editor, serving several prayer ministries. Her heart is for revival and spiritual awakening, and her personal website is