Two International Orality Network Conferences for Primary and Secondary Oral Learners to be Held 14-16 and 15-17 November 2006

Making Disciples of Primary Oral Learners
14-16 November 2006

The Inside Story
15-17 November 2006

The International Orality Network is offering two unique, overlapping conferences in November 2006 to address distinct aspects of the orality movement. These conferences are the largest forums for the rapidly emerging field of ministry to oral communicators. They are forums for ministry leaders, field practitioners, educators, media producers, pastors and interested lay people.

The International Orality Network serves churches, denominations, mission agencies and individuals committed to effective communication of the good news to all people. For two hundred years Western church and missions strategies and materials have been produced by literates for literates. Today, 2.5 billion people can only receive information orally; another 1.5 billion get over ninety-five percent of their information orally. Even in traditional highly literate societies oral learners are on the increase by virtue of more people preferring the use of a variety of oral communication styles.

The first conference,”Making Disciples of Primary Oral Learners,” will be held 14-16 November 2006 and will focus on those who work with unreached people groups. The conference will run from Tuesday afternoon through Thursday night and will include speakers and sessions that address the needs of primary oral learner (those who rely totally on oral communication methods). It includes a special chief executive officer's and pastor's track. Register early as space for this conference is limited to 250 people.

The second conference,”The Inside Story: Radically Improving Your Ministry Skills,” will be held 15-17 November 2006 and will focus on those who work with the literate who choose to communicate by oral means even though they can read and write; this is often referred to as “secondary orality.” The Secondary Oral event starts Wednesday afternoon and ends Friday at noon.

Both conferences will be held at the Wyndam Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, and conference fees include most meals and snacks; however, lodging is an extra $82USD per room per night. The cost for each conference is $275USD. Full-time students are invited to attend for $175USD. There will be a joint session on Wednesday evening, but the rest of the conferences will be separate. Since the conferences overlap, individuals cannot attend both conferences in their entirety. The International Orality Network does offer the option at your initial registration, under “registration type,” to add on the extra day from the other conference for an additional charge.

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